Dr. Rothe does not accept insurance. Payment is by check or cash at the time of the appointment. If the patient prefers to pay with a credit card, a small additional fee will be charged commensurate with the cost of the credit card company’s fee. After patients pay at the time of the visit with check or cash, they receive a detailed receipt with diagnostic and procedure codes noted. If your plan has out-of-network benefits and you wish to be reimbursed, you can submit your receipt to your insurance company, or otherwise use the receipt as proof to declare the visits as a medical expense when you file your yearly tax return.


Visits are by appointment only and are 50 minutes in duration. For your first appointment, you should arrive 10 minutes before the hour in order to complete the necessary paperwork. Please take a seat in the waiting room when you arrive. Dr. Rothe will come out to meet you 10 minutes before your appointment, and will provide you with the necessary forms. The visits begin on time and end on time.


Dr. Rothe does not respond to email or text messages, due to patient privacy concerns. If you wish to speak with him, please call the office number and he will typically respond with 24 hours or sooner, unless he is out of town. In such cases, coverage will be provided by another doctor.

Dr. Rothe does not respond to automatic pharmacy requests via fax for renewal of prescriptions. If the patient is running out of their prescription, please contact Dr. Rothe via phone to schedule a follow-up appointment.


Dr. Rothe does not accept appointments made for adult patients by other adult third parties. Adult patients need to make appointments themselves. He also does not accept appointments for minors made by au pairs or other caretakers. Parents are solely responsible for making appointments for their children, attending the initial appointment, and being present and available throughout the child’s treatment. Dr. Rothe also does not treat patients who are actively using recreational drugs.

In addition, Dr. Rothe does not provide the following services: • Written justifications for support animals for condominiums, airlines or other means of transportation. • Prescriptions for sexual performance-enhancing drugs. • Prescriptions for opioid-antagonistic anti-drug-craving medicines. • Prescriptions for Clozaril or cannabis oil.


Patients need to provide a 24-hour notice of cancellation in order to avoid incurring the regular fee. Cancellations for Monday appointments must be made on Friday before 10:00 AM.


There is abundant metered parking in the middle island of Alhambra Plaza, directly in front of the office. There is also sidewalk metered parking, but it is more expensive and provides less time.